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"The world of peace and joy is at our fingertips we only need to touch it."

-Thich Nhat Hanh


About Me

I started my journey by getting my master degree with honor from Phillips Graduate Institute at 2003 being Licensed since 2005 in Marriage and Family Therapy . I have a privilege to work with many therapist to build their own practices and I believe personal psychotherapy is by far, the most important part of psychotherapy training. What is the therapist most valuable instrument " the therapist own self" . We must demonstrate our willingness to enter into a deep journey within to be able to work with our clients at deeper level. Therapist must be familiar with their own dark side to discover their own blind spots. I believe in this journey we help people to be themselves .


Specializing in Anxiety Treatment, Depression and Couples Therapy


Many people are suffering from anxiety living in a state of constant fear, worring about future the goal is to become  aware of our mind patterns and be present now than be engage in endless resolutions and plans for future.


Depression effects the body, the bodily changes effects on how we feel and think about ourselves. The thinking that accompanies depression with its core is worthlessness, unloved and negative beliefs in ourselves.


We all carry our wounds from the journey we had. We learn to cope with it its hard to be in a relationship to become vulnerable its painful to connect with ourselves and others. We need to heal instead of ignoring those parts of us that needs our love.

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