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My Approach

In our journey of life how often we get disappointed from ourselves, feeling sad ,anxious ,being stuck in the way of our thinking being in our boxes closed and powerless. We believe in what we think the story, the program that has been install in us from childhood, parents, society, community, should and shouldn't. Therapy will provide a space for becoming aware of all aspects of ourselves to choose a new way of being by releasing the past and creating a new way of thinking changing the story and opening a new chapter.

The goal of therapy is self discovery, self awareness and creating self support to be able to solve our own difficulties. The now keeps us in the present and brings the fact that it is here and now that we become aware of all our choices. 

My approach is mindfulness, humanistic existential and gestalt therapy. I believe couples and individuals are unique and I have opportunity to explore what various approaches have to offer I use cognitive behavioral techniques, hypnotherapy and other techniques  that I developed over many years of my practice.

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